Reggie is a 5 year old male who need to be an only dog and we strongly advise no young children in the home due to Reggie having a tendency to be a little yappy/ snappy but this is true to form in smaller breeds. He is also very possessive of things like large treats/ bones / generally food related items that he can't eat straight away 
Plus Reggie isn't a dog that likes to be picked up and fussed all the time. 
We hope that this is something he will learn to enjoy in time .
All this aside Reggie loves to go for walks and once he gets to know you after a few visits , he really shows his sweet side.
Reggie likes to get to know people and for him to become more at ease with them .
He needs time to get to know people and for people to get to know Reggie and his ways. 
Regular visits to the rescue prior to any adoption would be a must.