This is 4 year old Dotty and she is looking for a very special person/family, one which is very patient, understanding and caring. She may look beautiful - undoubtedly she is - but she has very special needs. Dotty is disabled, she has a very strange gait when she walks, so, unlike most dogs, she wouldn't need, or want, long walks. She's been back and forth to the vets on numerous occasions, to try and get to the bottom of her problem. X-rays have shown that there is nothing untoward, that everything appears to be as it should be. Our vets have come to the conclusion that her problem is neurological. As such there's nothing more that vets can do for her, it's something she will just have to live with. Having said that, she really is a happy dog, she loves playing with toys, basking in the sunshine and having cuddles - she's loved by all our volunteers. She sometimes can be a bit snappy with people but it seems to be borne out of frustration rather than any aggressive nature. Even so we would not recommend a family with young children - or other dogs.

Dotty is a very special dog, one who deserves a loving home as much as any other dog; all she needs is an equally special person, one who will give her the love and understanding she needs.


Dotty loves to roll & play


Love and care are what Dotty deserves and  someone to understand her needs 

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